MULTIVAC, A Discord Bot

Bringing Conversations to Life: Multivac, a Discord Bot!

Let me introduce you to my latest project – Multivac, a chatty little Discord bot with a heart of Python and a brain powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4! Multivac is not just your regular bot. It is a full-fledged conversation partner that can respond naturally to your queries, generate images, and even play nice with other APIs. Now isn’t that something?

Want to chat with Multivac using a different model? No sweat! All you need to do is change the model parameter. Simply replace “gpt-4” with your desired model, like “gpt-3.5-turbo” or “text-davinci-002”, and you’re good to go! And, if you fancy longer prompts and responses, just give max_tokens a little tweak.

Running all this AI magic isn’t cheap, though. So, if you’re enjoying Multivac’s company, feel free to show your appreciation by supporting me on ☕️🤖

Weather Updates, the GPT-4 Way!

Besides its conversational charm, Multivac also doubles as a weather bot. Just hit it with a weather-related query, and it will fetch the relevant data from the OpenWeatherMap API, whip up a natural language response with the help of GPT-4, and serve it hot!

All you need to get started is a Discord bot token, an OpenAI API key, an OpenWeatherMap API key, and a few Python packages. Set these up, run the script, and let the bot do its magic. Just mention the bot and ask for the weather in any city. For example, “@bot_user weather in New York” will get you something like this: “Currently, in New York, the weather is mostly cloudy with a temperature of 18°C. Make sure to take an umbrella if you’re going out, as it might rain later in the day.” Easy peasy!

Latest from the Lab

Speaking of magic, there’s a new update fresh out of the oven – Multivac v2. Here’s what’s new:

  • Reply Upgrade: Multivac now responds directly to the user who asked the question, making the conversation feel more personal and engaging.
  • Image Generation 2.0: Multivac now lets you know it’s working hard generating the image you requested. Once ready, it cleans up the initial message and presents you with a beautiful, newly generated image!
  • Say Hello to Dalle: Multivac now flexes its image generation muscles even more by supporting Dalle. Just start your message with “imagine” and tag the bot (like, “imagine a beautiful sunset @Bot”), and voila, your request comes to life!

Do note that the weather functions have been temporarily benched for this update, but hey, we have a brand-new, exciting image-generation feature to play with!

That’s it for now, folks! So, whether you want to chat, need some weather info, or fancy an AI-generated image, Multivac is your go-to Discord bot!

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